Social Tango Trailer


Premiere of Social Tango, the Revenge
August 2018, Buenos Aires.
Dance-Theather Performance with live orchestra.
New adaptation of “Social Tango, un espectáculo de baile” stage by theater director Kameron Steele and original music by Fulvio Giraudo.

History of the Production:
“Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires” selected and produced “Social Tango, un espectáculo de baile” for the 2013 season.
The Joyce Theater and The Lincoln Center decided to program the work during their 15/16 season.
During 2017 the company showed a choreographic fragment at CCK Cultural Center.
In April 2018 Social Tango took part at the tv show “La Hora del Tango”, and in May at “Bailemos en el Hall” at “Teatro San Martin”.

“This is a beautiful audiovisual experience in the broadest sense, which attracts audiences from different spheres – photography, dance and cinematic documentary – and provides an exquisite glimpse of a world of fascination with movement and the personal metamorphosis it can produce.



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