Social Tango Ensemble

Social Tango Ensemble

The Social Tango Ensemble offers a modern interpretation of the traditional repertoire of tango’s “golden period.” This is when both musicians and dancers shared a common social space: the Milonga. Musical Director Fulvio Giraudo designed the arrangements around traditional themes of the 1930’s and 40’s. He also wrote original compositions to accompany the journey and emotions of the main protagonist of the show. On tour, the Social Tango Ensemble is joined by a duo of singers and guitarists, Ariel Varnerin and Agustin Fuertes. The Ensemble also performs a repertoire for concerts and another one to dance at the milongas organized during the residencies of  the Social Tango Project.


The first discographic work of Social Tango was recorded in the studios ION in Buenos Aires in 2014. Music Director Fulvio Giraudo and Producer Richard Arce lead the recording sessions with the Ensemble.[/vc_column_text]

The “Social Tango” Orchestra

The CD is available to purchase.

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