Nicolas Enrich

Nicolas participated in the Tango Festival of Buenos Aires in 2011 with some of the most prominent bandoneon performers- Leopoldo Federico, Julio Pane, Nestor Marconi, Juan José Mosalini y José Colangelo.
He was also part of the “Orquesta de Rodolfo Mederos, Orquesta Juan De Dios Filiberto, Quinteto Real y Cuarteto Pablo Agri.” Nicolas played with the singers Guillermo Fernandez, Raúl Lavié, Tito Reyes and Alberto Podestá. He toured with the following companies: Tango-A-Tierra in Brazil, Russia, and Honk Kong; Roberto Herrera in Italy; and Eleonora Cassano throughout Europe. He was invited to the International Exposition in Shanghai ( 2010) and Yeosu (Korea 2012).