“The transformation of a man who discovers tango is the narrative of the show, with Buenos Aires and its famous “milongas” in the background.

Dancing, acting, video, and photos all blend together to reveal the most genuine movements of tango when danced socially; the embrace, the walk, and the combinations are featured but with both the esthetic and  group characteristics of contemporary dancing.

Social Tango invites the audience to embrace a music and a dance authentically from Buenos Aires. The show celebrates the tango community at large, from early beginners to accomplished performers, and its unique social connections”

City of Buenos Aires

Social Tango Trailer


July 12th 2013, Teatro de La Ribera.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
ROC Producciones in association with the Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires
(City of Buenos Aires).
80 min plus a 20 min intermision.

“This is a beautiful audiovisual experience in the broadest sense, which attracts audiences from different spheres – photography, dance and cinematic documentary – and provides an exquisite glimpse of a world of fascination with movement and the personal metamorphosis it can produce.

The main setting is the milonga: the dance hall space space is constructed on the basis of two different moments in time. On the one hand, three short films relate the present-day experiences of a group of inhabitants of Buenos Aires of different ages, nationalities and socio-economic backgrounds, who have found in tango a social space of socialization and enjoyment, which has brought about a positive change in their lives. At the same time, these shorts films serve as the framework for a candid love story that unfolds on stage.”

Revol Dance Magazine

    A voyage of iniciation into the heart of tango.

    La Nación

    An unfettered spirit runs throughout Social Tango.

    La Prensa

    While the bandoneon plays, on the stage it is all joy.

    Página 12

    Through the pleasure it evokes this show transforms those who go to see it.

    Revol Revista

    Social Tango succeeds in depicting atmospheres of rich intimacy.

    Diario Clarín



Creative Team

Costume assistant Ana Clara Guarino
Assistant in Technique de Partenaire Julio Arias, Sergio Villalba
Contemporary Dance Assistant Veronica Maseda
Acting Coach Carolina Tejeda
Sounds Design Sebastian Costanzo, Ignacio Viano
Light Design Marcelo Cuervo
Costume Design Renata Schussheim
Choreography and Direction Assistant Mayra Galante
Video and Photography Direction Nora Lezano
General Direction Ramon de Oliveira Cezar
Choreography and Direction Agustina Videla

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