Photo Exhibition

Photo Exhibition

“Milongueros” by Nora Lezano

“Lezano, for her part, reminds us that between the dancers on the stage and the people in the streets are the ones at the milongas. Her subjects are real people, in their own roles, on the verge of dance, whose lives are lived with a glance, and a step forward, or back.”

John Osburn


photo exhibit

    Nora Lezano’s photos hanging in the foyer, reveals only what is essential.

    La Nación

    The images offered up by Nora Lezano, in both the short films projected
    on stage as well as the photographic exhibition presented in the theater foyer,
    lend substance and a human face to those inhabitants of the night who exercise
    the talent for improvisation in every tanda or dance set.

    La Prensa

    Nora Lezano was given the task of immortalizing those “unknown figures”
    of tango, who stepped off the dance floor for a moment to pose before her camera.

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